About Us

About Us

Promises Less, Delivers More.

We are a company staffed with professionals with years of combined experience in the internet industry, Hexis Internet is focused on bringing rural Wisconsin into the 21st century. Hexis Internet is the only choice for cost effective reliable high speed broadband in rural Wisconsin.

Here are some of the reasons that our customers love us:

A Service Model That Works

Internet and telephone companies have long been the face of poor customer service and with a number of duopolies beginning to emerge improvement is not on the horizon – Hexis Internet decided to find out the reasons why that is the case, and how to improve it. What we found is that while residential internet was much cheaper than business, the customer support was essentially useless – in an attempt to give realtime support to all of their residential users, the big companies had succeeded at offering a level of customer service that was useless to almost everyone. Business internet packages on the other hand were several times the cost of residential despite the fact that broadband usage is often even less than home users, but the level of service tends to be slightly better. This leaves small businesses that cannot afford expensive internet as well as home users that depend on the internet for day to day life, both out in the cold. By separating the cost of internet from the cost of service we are able to offer both amazing customer support and cost effective high speed internet.

Enterprise Class Broadband at a fraction of the cost

The ability to have high speed broadband in rural areas in Wisconsin usually comes at a steep cost – our competitors charge nearly 10 times the cost per megabit for service and only offer speed packages up to one half of our base package! Rather than price gouge customers who have few options, we have chosen to take the high road and provide our service at prices that are often even less than the big telecom companies.

Built by Customers for Customers

Although other companies may now be expanding their coverage into some rural areas because of federal and state grants, we decided to start providing exemplary broadband services out of need for our customers. With the help of these same customers, we began providing Internet service at a fraction of the cost of other providers with unparalleled levels of customer service.

We will come to you

We specialize in the under-served broadband user, if your home or business is unable to get our service right off the bat – we will work with you as much as we possible can to find a way to bring it to you. Finding custom methods to serve our customers is our wheelhouse.

Why Hexis?

We Never Leave Customers Behind

At Hexis Internet, we will work tirelessly to make sure that you, as a customer, are satisfied. Whether that means building towers to get line of sight, or making sure that your service works as intended - we are there for you.

We Don’t Gouge

Our prices are fair – we don’t up our prices just because we can and we don’t do meaningless promotions. We encourage our customers to compare their bill with other providers.

Our Support Rocks

We don’t use foreign call centers, we don’t hire dummies and we don’t “blow smoke”. Check out our intuitive support model.

A Personal Touch

Our clients develop a personal relationship with our staff. We aren’t a huge company and we don’t treat you like we are.